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An industry expert since 2007, Executrac assists you in uncovering the real issues you are experiencing in trade whether it be out of stocks, RSP compliance issues, forward share problems, or just general poor execution.  Their team of dedicated surveyors analyse over 60,000 retail outlets per month and state of the art software and bespoke BI dashboards give you an instant view of where your in-trade execution problems lie.

 Exception reports are sent to the sales force in real time assisting in reducing sub-standard execution levels whilst the information is vital in incentivising both your sales force and retailer adherence levels across all channels and retailers.  Data is accurate, fast and cost effective and is an invaluable tool to any Sales or Marketing Director to increase revenue and market share.  Other services include EDS, mystery shopping and net promoter scores.

You know how difficult it is to create a Route To Market for the massive informal trade segment in South Africa.  Despite the massive outlet base, deliveries are not economical and traditional RTM options are way too expensive to service this valuable market.

Inzuzo understands this and has done away with the traditional expensive RTM models.  Spaza shops, or taverns are visited by a dedicated or shared DCS (Demand Creation Specialist).  The DCS acts like a sales representative combined with a merchandiser and does everything from order generation, merchandising, stock rotation and promotional activation.  

Orders are then re-routed to our reliable network of national independent wholesalers who typically have 24 hours to deliver your product, whilst also taking responsibility for the handling of cash.

DCS’ can achieve over 20 calls per day which ensure that the model is fast, efficient and cost-effective.  You now have full visibility of the spaza outlet base, GPS locations, sales volume, execution levels and competitor activity in a market which has traditionally had zero visibility.  Our cost structure allows for profitable volume growth where the traditional models have failed to do so.

We know that technology will redefine our industry in the future and for this reason we have invested substantially in Image Recognition.  Imagine a world where your sales force or execution tracking service supplier simply capture a few photographs of the retail shelf whilst our breakthrough computer vision program analyse and report on out of stocks, forward share, price compliance and points of interruption in store.  This information is turned into actionable insights and BI dashboards that will assist you in understanding where in trade problems reside.  Our costs are a fraction of international competitors whilst obtaining extremely accurate results. 

Through our Optical Character Recognition platform, you can now run national promotions by simply getting the consumer to take and photograph of their till slip and WhatsApp it to a predetermined number.  The entry mechanism is simple, cost effective and familiar to consumers which allows you as brand owner to focus on running the promotional implementation, tracking and measuring ROI.

 In addition, Tegnovate’s facial recognition platform does away with the need for finger print scanner as we enter the no-touch economy.  Users are loaded into your library and access is controlled without any need to touch surfaces.  Want to know what your employees are doing whilst they cameras are turned off during online meetings?  Let us assist you in managing your team’s productivity whilst working remotely.

Did you know that the average basket size in South African spazas is R21,10 and contains 1,6 items?  We do.  At PMI we have placed over 1,300 point of sale devices in spaza shops in South Africa.  

For the first time in South Africa we have access to accurate sales volume and market share information in the informal market through point of sale devices that have been placed at a nationally representative sample of spaza shops.  The includes volume and value share information by category, brand and SKU along with a host of shopper-related information including basket size, composition, price and behavioural data.  Want to know which product is most frequently sold with yours?  Ask us.

In order to have an effective Contact Solution you do not need endless frills. You need a campaign, focused on YOUR requirements, that achieves the RESULTS your business needs. This is Indlovu Connect.  A 21st century solution for all your Contact needs, whether they be Inbound, Outbound, Blended or Omni-Channel.  Our solutions are FLEXIBLE, you tell us what your business needs. Whether you need 2 seats or 200, your solution will be focused, complete and flexible.

We have the expertise and systems to make the best possible solution available to you.  Smaller and Medium sized companies often find it difficult to obtain an affordable Contact / Business Process partner that is ALSO a provider of high quality and future-proof services.  Very often the established premium contact providers require too many seats to make the proposition viable for small & medium sized businesses.   Indlovu Connect was created to remove this obstacle and allow even small businesses access to premium quality outsourced services while also being able to cater for very large contact-focused operations.

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